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About: DeepEarth is a Silverlight control library for web based mapping. We have two main projects actively being developed:
  1. a rich and performant map toolkit for the Microsoft Bing Maps Silverlight control (the Bing Map Toolkit), soon to support the DeepEarth Map control.
  2. a multi-provider silverlight map control called the DeepEarth Map control.

Latest News
We are working towards a Silverlight 4 release that brings together many new features while reducing complexity.
A new sister project is (Sharepoint Map Integration Layer)

Bing Map Toolkit: Additional functionality and controls for the Microsoft supported map control. Contribute your ideas today in our forums
Toolkit Online Demo | Toolkit Control Matrix

DeepEarth Map Control:
a smooth, slim DeepZoom based multi provider map control -currently supporting Open Street Map, Open Aerial Map, Bing, Google tile provision schemes. Licensed under MS-PL this control is perfect for your unrestricted custom application.
DeepEarth Map Control Online Demo

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