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Clustering Styling

Apr 21, 2010 at 9:30 PM

Hello List,

I am currently re-working project for which we're decided to make use of a portion of the Deep Earth library. So far I've been concentrating on altering a copy of the EnhancedMapLayer to back onto a generic RIA Services layer; the majority of the changes involve abstracting some of the functionality into a helper class that can be Entity Type specific (using Generics on the layer object to do this). I'm also looking at adding some functionality which would alter the styling of the clustered items vs the single items (thinking of putting in a couple back pointer in the data structure to support altering the style around the end of the clusterObjects method).

Although I'm trying to minimize changes to core classes to facilitate future updates, I was wondering if there was any ongoing or planned work going on in this area of the code base?

I've also found a small bug in the StyleSpecification Clone method; it doesn't currently clone the icon offset properties which causes individual flags in the sample application to shift after they've been selected once (updated code below).



public StyleSpecification Clone()
            return new StyleSpecification
                           ID = id,
                           IconScale = iconScale,
                           IconURL = iconUrl,
                           LineColour = lineColour,
                           LineWidth = lineWidth,
                           PolyFillColour = polyFillColour,
                           ShowFill = showFill,
                           ShowLine = showLine,
                           Frames = frames,
                           FrameInterval = frameInterval,
                           Width = width,
                           Height = height,
                           IconOffsetX = iconOffsetX,
                           IconOffsetY = iconOffsetY,

Apr 27, 2010 at 5:14 AM

Thanks for the feedback David, will get that bug sorted shortly.

The next planned work for the clustering is UI to represent the cluster and explore the contents. This becomes a little tricky as we don't want to force the implimentation onto everyone.

However currently our focus is on upgrading the older DeepEarth project to SL4 and moving the toolkit support for both base map projects. This is going to keep us busy for a few weeks.

I'd love to hear more about the version you are creating, please feel free to post more comments and suggests here.