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Little prototype extending pin.xaml

Jun 22, 2008 at 3:37 PM

If you click the pin it expands and shows a deep zoom panorama from that location.
I havn't checked in that code as it mainly a tonne of image tiles but hopefully it sparks some cool ideas.

One thing to note is we should abstract the core navigation of a MultiScaleImage control from that of the map so it can be reused. One issue faced is that the scroll wheel is at the page level so what control gets the action? I'm thinking it should be if the cursor is over the control with some way to tell if it has focus. In my demo it was effecting both so i disabled it for the panorama.

Curently the MSI interaction class has specific map related functionlaity.
Jun 22, 2008 at 11:11 PM
That is so cool! I didn't expect you guys to get that working that fast, great job! There is so much potential here ... only if there was a mutiScaleVideo element ....

Regarding the scroll wheel, I would go one of 3 directions:
1) Have the user 'select' either the map or the pin and that control gets focus and then all mouse / keyboard input goes to that control. I know in WPF there is a way to see if a control gets focus through the .Focus() property that FrameworkElement's have.
2) Use where the cursor currently is; whether that is through VisualHitTesting or knowing where the control is (x, y coordinates).
3) Have the wheel zoom in / out and pan ability for the map and have zoom in / out pan ability through the keyboard for the pin control.

Also, is there any thought of implementing a full screen version? Full screen in Silverlight is easy enough to accomplish, but I do not think the the map control, as of now, will stretch. That may be an easy fix by allowing the parent control to stretch its horizontal alignment / vertical alignment, or looking up the current screen width / height and setting the control appropiately.
Jun 23, 2008 at 1:47 AM
Thanks for your ideas, I'm sure one of them will get us some scroll wheel support, I think it is very important.

This leads to your next question about full screen support. I have listed it as a task to do but the killer is you loose scroll wheel support, the best navigation method for deepzoom.
Over the weekend I played with the prototype to remove size information so it will resize to the parent container, the demo site now show it at 100% browser for example.

I know it is a single line of code to go full screen, we should hook it up to at least see what issues we will face.