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Jul 7, 2008 at 6:41 PM
My company will be releasing a new version of our product suite, MapDotNet, in about 2 months.  This release includes WPF and Silverlight mapping controls.  Our Silverlight control does not use Deep Zoom.  You can preview one of our early sample apps here:

Some cool facts about our WPF and Silverlight controls:

1 - They share a common programming interface
2 - They support multiple tile map layers and an extensible tile requestor interface
3 - They provide configurable internal tile caching and memory management
4 - They support 'geometry' layers, which are native WPF or Silverlight visual elements, and can be highly interactive

In addition to these new controls, MapDotNet Server will include a WPF map rendering engine that supports symbols defined in XAML.

Email me for more information at  I will keep an eye on this Deep Earth project.  Very cool!
Jul 7, 2008 at 11:06 PM
One of the disadvantages of the multiscaleimage control is there is currently no WPF equivilant. But I think its just a matter of time before WPF gets some SeaDragon goodness. Mark are you interested in helping us out in some constructive way? For example would you be interested in a MapDotNet provider for the project to overlay your server products images and tie into your search capabilities? I'll shoot you an email.
One of the major benifits of using the native multiscale image control is that it is designed to and takes care of the high resolution imagery layers its its "butter smooth" way. This does make it a little power happy but does keep the application small, I think we are at about 60KB, a little bloated as we split thing up into seperate dlls for maintainability. The MapDotNet demo is 388KB, I suspect you may still have a few stock dlls in there that you no longer have to include in Beta2.
This project is all about people experimenting with the new technology of Silverlight in a constructive and open way. If anyone is interested in partcipating they are more then welcome.