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Very nice work! My POC for your amusement with the cartoon man included (no charge) - grin

Dec 16, 2009 at 11:00 PM


Did I mention how hard your work on this rocks? You seemed to have hit a nice stride on the SL3 after giving up on the nasty Theming from SL toolkit - a cause of many issues due to that attached property value being incorrect (just once, always, etc.)


No slam on the SL Toolkit as it was far better than no option and looking at their code it was no small feat.


On a side note, I was refactoring this into Prism as it makes it (for me at least) much easier to manage, and before I continue I though I would offer to share this work. Let me know if there is any interest. It buys you of course dependency injection for seamless declarative provider control, unload as well as load of assets, and well. a heck of a lot more. If this is indeed on your radar I'll share my code so you can see if it is interesting enough. I am a 10+ year distributed systems developer and have a good many years in SilverLight at a very advaned level but am fairly new to geo-empowered applications. I'm loving it for the record,.


Damon Wilder Carr, CTO





Dec 17, 2009 at 7:02 AM

Love to see more on your work with Prism Damon.

As I'm sure you've followed I've tried a few approaches for the architecture of the controls, more recently concentrating on simplification. I'm always looking for a better way, would apprehiate your advice.

What you see today is thanks to many people on this project who have enjoyed learning silverlight and applying their skills to spatial apps. There is a tonne of very cool things we can still do here.

Dec 17, 2009 at 7:04 AM

So what does the cartoon man actually do? Does he only wink for me? Is it a treasure hunt where I need to find the right location on the earth?

Dec 26, 2009 at 3:09 PM
soulsolutions wrote:

So what does the cartoon man actually do? Does he only wink for me? Is it a treasure hunt where I need to find the right location on the earth?

Ha ha! That would  be a cool Easter Egg...

When I started a branch of this project for Prism is was mainly because I didn't have the time to deal with the dependencies involved. I knew Prism/Unity would let me get it working and have the freedom to do whatever I needed mostly in config over code. I would say after two weeks I started seeing major productivity  for reasons I know you understand. If in any I can close the gap between the 'promise of Prism/Composite App Architecture' and the reality, indeed I have the code that I would be thrilled if we incorporated any aspect into your mainline trunk.

 I have been following this trunk and keeping a Prism branch working for a bit now. I feel I know this code at a near 'psychological' level (individual styles, situations where code was needed wih more urgency, as well as some really innovative approaches).

Prism/Unity are to me a simple matter of survival when you get a large code  base. It has been quite reasonable to do as I am using a subset of your overall target funcationality but it growing.

I need to get updated on your roadmap but I have added the new Street view (and birdseye) as well as a geo-lookup service to locate someone by either IP or the Geolocation API using by Google Maps (which somehow uses cell towers nd the lapop? Still not sure how it works but it is amazing, I likely need not need to even explain with your deep expertise in this area).

The really nice aspect here is via modules I have no dependencies between your 'controls'. The Event Aggregator provides the bus for all inter-module communication and I have ensured the servicxes (even if 'view' drven such as your drawing pallate) leverage injected in service.


I'd love to send you my work and can make time to offer bandwith to anything you guys are looking to do.


Email on somewhere I could send this code. There are some really fun areas that I have working that really show off the power ofhow an encapsulation mode and decoupled event bus-decoupled loader make things so sweet when put up against a subclass-extension model.

Thanks and much more to show you,


Damon Carr

Feb 19, 2010 at 2:46 PM

Firstly, just want to say this is a great project well done guys.  I have just come across the DeepEarth map and control toolkit, wish I had seen it earlier.

Has there been any further offline communication regarding adding Damon's Prism version as a separate branch or just a download.  It would be great to understand the common core/infrastructure module that he uses for cross module eventing, etc.  Equally on the control creation side what interfaces are used, how the controls are created and differ to the DeepEarth control creation guide.

Thanks, James