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Experimental components are intended for evaluation purposes. The main goal of these components is to provide an opportunity for feedback during the earliest stages of development. This feedback will help decide the future of these components. Development of an experimental component may end at any point so it may not be included in future releases.

Contribute your ideas here.

The point of an experimental control is to get your idea out for public comment and feedback. It doesn't have to be the best code ever written and doesn't even have to follow our architecture guidelines. Ping one of the coordinators today and we can set you up with:
  • A wiki page for the control
  • Add you a developer for DeepEarth
  • A namespace for the control within the project
  • A folder within the source tree
  • A quick getting started guide to give you the bits you need
  • Contacts of others doing similar development to you.

Current Experimental controls

List to be added here.

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