DeepEarth Version 1.1 Features

  • Contains several updates to known bug fixes and issues (see Issue Tracker).
  • General Cleanup from feedback on 1.0
  • Help Documentation

DeepEarth Version 1.0 Features

Version 1.0 concentrated on a solid, stable, base platform for us (and you) to build upon. It provides imagery as tile layers, a robust Virtual Earth implementation supporting the official token based tile access and web services. Other features include:
  • Fully implemented map control with property and event model
  • Fully templated set of map navigation controls
  • Layers for inclusion of Points, LineStrings and Polygons (Modeled after OGC)
  • Conversion library for geography to screen coordinate systems.
  • Geocoding (find an address)
  • Reverse Geocoding (getting an address from a point on the map)
  • Routing (Directions)
  • Marque zoom selection (default Ctrl-click and drag or from menu toggle)
  • Map rotation

DeepEarth supports the Virtual Earth Web Service (VEWS) for tile layers, geocoding (finding an address), reverse geocoding (getting an address from a point on the map) and routing. We also support a pattern to implement your own providers including samples for OpenStreetMap, OpenAerialMap, and more. For access to the Virtual Earth Tile System see DeepEarth Version 1.1 Release Notes .

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