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Packaging Issues

Jun 21, 2010 at 3:12 PM


I would like to use the MapControl in my application using a custom Tile Source. For some reasons, people of my team won't be able to download the source code using SVN. I would like to give them the source code from the zip file we can download on your web site.

The zip file from the download section contains the following structure and namespace:

  • \DeepEarth\
    • \Controls
    • \Events
    • \Geometry
    • \Layers
    • \Properties
    • \Themes
  • \DeepEarth.Provider
    • \BlueMarble
    • \CM
    • \GooglePlanets
    • \OAM
    • \OSM
    • \Properties
    • \WMS
    • \Yahoo
  • \DeepEarth.Provider.VirtualEarth
    • ...
  • \DeepEarth.Provider.VirtualEarth.Services
    • ...

However, when I get the source code from SVN, I get a completely different structure and namespaces:

  • \trunk\Map
    • \Controls
    • \DeepEarth.Map
    • \ExampleControl
    • \ExampleControlWeb
  • \trunk\Libraries
    • ...
  • \trunk\Toolkit
    • ...

What is the correspondance between these two structures?

Why are you using different namespaces for the same MapControl?

Which assembly should I refer in my aplication to access the MapControl?

  • \Map\DeepEarth.Map\Bin\Debug\DeepEarth.Client.MapControl.dll
  • \DeepEarth\Bin\Debug\DeepEarth.dll

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.


Jun 21, 2010 at 5:29 PM

the big green download button on the main page is the "Second Release", this was a long time ago now

in the Source Code page

you can get the latest, in there is the most upto date version,

the Trunk Folder is the original, I am not sure when the last update to this version was, you would need to look it up on the source code page by going back and looking a couple pages 

the Branch Folder is the version converted to SL4 which has a lot of new updates which are listed on the last 2 or so pages of check-ins on the Source Code page 
and a WP7 (Windows Phone 7) version SL3 (the emulator is only SL3) and is just only a very basic version  of the map control updated to run on the WP7 emulator

Your work mates can download a .zip of the latest version from the Source Code page, download link in the Top Left of the page to get the latest

DeepEarth.Client.MapControl.dll is the latter version

Jun 29, 2010 at 8:43 PM

ok, we'll be using the SL4 branch. Thank you.

I have another question (sorry, I'm a newbie): if I want to use a Custom Tile Source, I cannot use the Microsoft.Maps.MapControl, I have to use the DeepEarth.Client.MapControl, right?

Also, all the controls being developped in the Bing ToolKit cannot be used with the DeepEarth.Client.MapControl, right?

Jun 30, 2010 at 2:28 AM

If you want to use a custom tile source, I think the licence for MS Bing Maps control means you cannot use there control, but I have not read there licencing terms, but that is what I think it is....

Second, the Bing Maps Toolkit controls will not work "out of the box" on the DeepEarth Control,  but, "Most" should be able to converted to the DeepEarth control with out to much hassle.

Someone else may like to comment on this, as I did not make any of the Bing Map Toolkit controls, but that is what I think.

Jun 30, 2010 at 9:28 AM

My understanding is that you can use custom tile sources with Bing Maps as overlays, but you can't use their control with base imagery from their competitors, say Yahoo or Google.

I raised the question about OpenStreetMap data at a Bing Maps Developer Day in the UK last year and was told you would have to ask permission on a case by case basis. I got the impression that if their data wasn't very good in an area then they wouldn't mind but it wouldn't be acceptable for the UK where their data is generally very good.