Getting Started with DeepEarth

Sep 27, 2012 at 11:25 AM

Hi All,

I'm a newbie in using DeepEarth. I've loaded DeepEarth 1.1.

I have VS2010 with Silverlight 4.0 in my machine. I was unable to open the downloaded DeepEarth application files in VS2010, therefore I opened the application files in VS2008.

Then having OpenStreetMap set as startup project in VS2008 tried to run the application I was happy to see the map being displayed on the browser. I tried to create new Silverlight Application within the DeepEarth\Examples to work on displaying WMS maps hosted in Geoserver by just copying the code from OpenStreetMap example and carefully modified MainPage.xaml , MainPage.xaml.cs, MapSourceControl.xaml and MapSourceControl.xaml.cs, However I was not able to view the map on browser even though the modified code was intact.

Having said this, I have few doubts to be clarified:

1. Can DeepEarth application be run on VS2010 with Silverlight 4.0?

2. Can you please provide me step by step guide to work on DeepEarth application with suitable sample?

I look forward for your response.


Kind regards,