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Using Layers (v. 1.1 release)

May 30, 2009 at 1:01 PM

Hi there!

Thank you very much for such a nice and sweet map control, using it is fantastic.

Right now I'm trying to implement map, where will be separate additional layers, done via point stored in XML file. And I have some questions about Layers and Overlays, haven't found anything in documentation or discussions here.

1. What is a general rule, when should I use overlay, and when I should use the layer? AFAIC Layer should be used when i consider my own tile provider, is it right?

2. Overlays could be hidden only by removing them from the collection, so if I have several overlays for BaseLayer, I should find them by ID, and then use Remove, is it right?

3. As far as I can easily hide Layer, I would like to use layers, but I have problem here:

If I use map.Layers.Add, my layer just overlaps everything, and I can't use map controls. If I use map.Layers.Insert at zero index, my layer is shown correctly, but it doesn't ask for any tiles from underlying TileLayer. I would be very happy, if someone has a working sample with different layers on the map.

Thanks in advance.