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Updated examples for current source code?

Sep 28, 2009 at 2:42 PM

I am trying to write a simple test application from the latest source code in the repository. I'm noticing the current code tree has no examples in it, and that the examples in the older 'download' release will not work with the latest source code. Here is a snippet from the older examples:

<DeepEarth:Map x:Name="map" >            
        <local:MapSourceControl x:Name="mapSourceControl" SelectedSource="Mapnik" />
    <DeepControls:CoordControl />          

In my searches of the latest code there are no references to 'NavControl' or 'MapSourceControl', so I am not sure if these were removed, renamed, etc. Are there any code samples of how to use the latest source in an application? Right now I can still use the Map control, but I am not seeing anything as I'm not sure how to specify a source now..

Thanks for your help.

Sep 28, 2009 at 10:51 PM

There are two examples projects we maintain in the source code:

\Client\ExampleSite is the new DeepEarth map control, we have removed anything that are now common controls but added them back. You need a Virtual Earth token to run as per last time.

\Client\ExampleSiteBing is the Microsoft control with all of our custom controls, it works out of the box. Check this one out first.

I'm working towards creating a new release but it kind of makes sence for this to be Silverlight3? What do you think? We're so busy building out new functionality but I should clean things up and release a few good examples, there are some here and although not well documented I'd be happy to send you the code:


Sep 28, 2009 at 11:01 PM

Ah, thanks - I didn't see these as they aren't part of the main DeepEarthSL3.sln. I will take a look at these tomorrow. From my perspective you should probably go with SL3 going forward, I know that is the version I would be using this with..

Can you give me any direction regarding the license using the Bing provider? I believe the Bing Maps Silverlight control is under CTP and has no go-live license, does that apply to using the Bing tile source with DeepEarth as well? What about the Virtual Earth sources?


Thanks so much for your help!

Sep 29, 2009 at 11:01 PM

The project I'm using this on is unfortunetly stuck on SL2 for a little bit longer so I won't be going SL3 for a little while, but I'm keen to upgrade as their are some very interesting features in SL3 I'm keen to use.

The Bing Maps Silverlight control is indeed CTP, so feel free to use it for Proof of concepts, pilot applications, demos as much as you like. Microsoft is keen for feedback and want to build the best web based mapping platform the world has ever seen. They have some very smart guys working on this and I can't wait to see what they do for the release.

The underlying services - Bing Maps Web Service - is production ready and can be licensed for pretty much every scenario you can think of. It is not free however, you can use their staging server for 90 days while you work out your licensing arrangement. It works out very good for intranet applications where you license per user or tracking apps where you license per tracked asset.

My ultimate goal here is to share as much of the work I do and encourage others to do the same. The DeepEarth map control will become a slim multi-purpose open source control with less restrictions, but our main focus is on providing additional controls to work with both this map and the Microsoft Bing Maps Control.