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(where functionality from custom deploys is being rolled back into Deep Earth)
Incite -

Team Members

SoulSolutions – John O’Brien
John is a software developer based in Brisbane, Australia. A Windows Live Platform MVP, John empowers companies with amazing new tools to extend their reach and enrich their applications. Learn more at
GeoSynergy - Geoff Osborn
Geoff is a GIS consultant based in Brisbane, Australia. His company provides GIS strategy, project definition and management.
RoadWarrior – Rick Kennedy
Rick is a software architect living in Washington, DC. His company, RoadWarrior, provides innovative solutions to mobile workforces. To find out more, check out his website at
smbecker - Shaun Becker
Shaun is a senior software developer based in Canton, MI. Shaun currently works for a company in Ann Arbor building predictive analytic and site selection applications for desktop and web environments.
.net noobie – David Thiessen
noobie is from the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, is an independent Microsoft .NET developer, noobie creates small applications/add-ons to complement EXONET and SAP Business One accounting packages plus general web and mobile device applications for small business’s and a varity of other computer related services.
Aquaseal – Matt Serbinski
Matt is a computer engineer currently working on rapid development prototype projects that involve hardware and software integration
kling – Robert Kling
Robert is a software developer/GIS consultant working for SWECO Position in Sundsvall, Sweden
perf - Per Fahlén
Per is software developer/GIS consultant at Sweco Position in Sundsvall, Sweden.

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